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How do I communicate with The Charlesworth Group?
You can email us or visit the contact us page on the web site for our full details.

What are the qualifications of your editors?
All of our editors are native English-speakers, and have at least a university degree and experience in the fields relevant to the papers they are editing.

How do we guarantee quality?
The Charlesworth Group takes great pride in providing our customers with consistently high quality work. Our editors are native speakers of English who are trained in specific subject matter areas and who have training and experience as editors. We test our editors to ensure they work to the highest possible standards and most of our editors are also members of professional societies such as the Society for Proof Readers and Editors. The Charlesworth Group is also accredited to the ISO 9001 quality standard.

How long will the process take?
We usually can edit an article within six days of submission. If you choose the express option, we will complete the work within three days. The amount of time editors take depends on the length and complexity of the paper, and the level of editing requested.

Is my work kept confidential and secure?
All papers and personal information are kept on secure servers and all of our editors are contractually bound by non-disclosure agreements regarding the content of academic papers.

How do I submit my paper?
Please click here or select the link at the left to register and login. You can then submit your manuscript. If you have any queries please contact:

How do I pay for the service?
Once you approve the edited version of your paper, our system asks you to make payment. We use PayPal to process payments, a system which you can use without having a PayPal account. When we receive your payment, you are sent the final edited paper.

What types of papers are covered by the service?
We can edit papers in almost all topics in the Science, Technology and Medical (STM) fields, and all types of papers ranging from Short Communications to full Research Articles and theses.

Is there anything I need to prepare before I submit my paper?
Please review the Instructions-for-Authors for the journal to which you want to submit your manuscript to check that you have followed their guidelines exactly.

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