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Online STM paper submission, review and language polishing by editor, paper management and tracking plus online payment when edited paper approved by author, ready for peer review

Charlesworth Author Services helps authors improve their written English so they can effectively communicate the process, findings, and importance of their research. The more clearly a manuscript is written, the more likely it is to be published.

Why is language polishing needed?
Many Editors make initial decisions about whether or not to consider a paper for peer review based on the quality and correctness of the writing in a submitted manuscript. Manuscripts that are poorly written are more likely to be rejected, particularly if the quality of the language makes it difficult for editors or reviewers to understand the science being discussed.

Language Polishing Procedure

  1. Authors upload their paper and select the correct pricing band depending on the word count of their paper and whether they require a priority or standard turnaround time. (For papers over 10,000 words, we can provide tailored pricing within 24 hours of enquiry.)
  2. The paper is then automatically transferred to our in-house editorial staff to assign a dedicated expert editor.
  3. The paper will be edited within six days for the standard pricing option, or three days if our premium priority service is selected. Authors can track progress during the editing process using our online tracking system.
  4. When the editing is complete, the paper is checked by our in-house editorial staff.
  5. When all editing is completed, authors are alerted by email that their paper is available for download and review through a secure web site.
  6. Authors review sample edited pages and, if approved and all payment received, the final paper is made available in Word with all changes visible and queries clearly visible from our editors.

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